Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures of Ouessants
Here are some pictures I took yesterday to illustrate the range of colours I have in my ouessant sheep! The really black ones are the British ones and Derek my British ram (not pictured here) is pitch black with not a sun bleach mark on him! One of the brown ewes actually has grey tones in the fleece too so quite interesting!!. Note all the black/brown ones are actually 'black' when it comes to genotyping.....we think! The white one has orange/fawn face and legs but is a genotyped white far as we know!! Once we have got a few more years into this and know who carries the genes for which colour we will know more!!
Pictured below is the first lamb from the French import! Born up in north Devon at the home of the delighted owners Kevin and Trevor! She is a real cutie by the look of it! Her mother is white obviously, and her father is Cyril....jet black but with the odd white/grey hairs....and I thought black was dominant in Ouessants???
The young ram pictured above is my son of Cyril called Nicolas Sarkozy!

And below are my new indian runner ducks with their spanking new house! They consist of a pair of chocolates and 3 fawn and white ducks.....and we are getting eggs!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic. The French just call him Sarko..........or things which relate to rams but shouldn't be put into print!

I have tagged you. Check out my post of today's date to find out what you have to do!