Friday, November 12, 2010

Well...time does fly eh?
The sheep have all been wormed foot checked and sorted out. A ram lamb has departed for a new flock and the rest of the lads relocated to a clean field of 2 acres down in the village 6 lots of grass! The 8 older girls and 4 ewe lambs have Merinos for company and I'm breeding him back to his daughters by design as I want to fix some of his small size in the flock. This has to be done with care as line breeding for certain charecteristics can be risky. We have a lovely 3 acre field that has not had any livestock in it in the next village on a 25 year lease from the Woodland trust and as soon as the paperwork is done they will all be moving up there. This will rest my set of small fields here at home and they will be back to lamb. We made some nice haylage and it is sitting waiting for the worst weather. A new large hen house is being constructed for my 6 hens and cockerel and my now fully grown buff orpingtons...only 2 hens and will keep best for the pot! I have a new plucker in the house, Charlie aged 8 plucked and cleaned a plump phesant a couple of weeks ago which tasted great roasted!
On the other front i am now on my chemotherapy treatment and have had 2 out of 4 and am still standing! Its not so bad and feels like the hangover from hell plus slight morning sickness nausea for a couple of days and makes you tired and unable to concentrate which is infuriating when trying to calculate wool insulation square metres! I still walk my dogs 2-5 miles a day and am fit and well. The hair thing is quite bizzare as now falling out like a moulting dog....I now have more sympathy for their plight when hoovering up mine as well as theirs!!!