Friday, January 18, 2008

Well its raining yet again! And it is forcast not to stop soon!......great!
Makes you feel depressed just looking out thewindow. I have so much to do outside too. Am installing solar lighting to both of my sheds and rebuilding the raised beds with help from Pete who is much more woodworky than me with damaged scaffhold boards that are from a local scaffholding company!! pics will follow when and if it stops raining! While picking up the boards in my car & trailer in the pouring rain and feeling ill because of a bad cold I had an amazing thing happen......I was travelling slowly across the industrial estate gingerly negotiating the speed bumps with the 13ft planks hanging precariously from the rear of the trailer when I went by the bakers delivery van selling cakes and sandwiches. I stopped and enquired as to the price of a Danish pastry when one of the builders working on the site bought a maple and pecan danish (my favoutite) and gave it to me refusing all payment and just said enjoy it!!!! Well that got me many of us permaculture inspired people who have earth care, fair share, and people care at the heart of our way of thinking enact random acts of kindness like that..........It really cheered me up and so I am going to think hard about whether I cheer people up enough!!

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