Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are over 900ft up on the top of the hill and unlike the nice dry picture its a bit slippery at the moment. This is a tale of lost and found sheep!
Last week I was ill with a nasty cold and cough, it also rained all week adding to the misery, so when I climbed into my car in the pouring rain and foggy gloom to collect my youngest from school I was not best pleased to see a gate between the small paddock where my senior Ouessant ram and his friend reside wide open into the 15 acre field the other side. Well after having collected 5 yearold and placed him strategically in front of the tv to keep him from mischeif, 14 year old son, myself and 3 dogs set about searching for said sheep. They were nowhere to be found and as it was getting dark we returned wet and cross.
Next morning husband, 3 sons (21 year old, 14 yearold, 5 yearold), myself 3 mobile phones and 3 dogs set off in still pouring rain to have another look having informed the farming neighbours that we had 2 knee high rams on the loose.....they could see the funnyside!
Well a few hours and several miles later we returned in dribs and drabs reporting not a sign of the little bu###rs.
About 3 hours later Ken the farmer across the road watched in amazement as the calmly meandered out of the woods, across the big field and tucked themselves back in their paddock! Needless to say he secured all the gates very well before telling us! So all was well........
Today at 8.30am I receive a call......'there is a black sheep out down in the village....looks a bit bigger than yours but you'd better come and have a look'. So off I go and no its not one of mine but a large shaggy in lamb ewe of indeterminate age that looks to have come a long way judging by the amount of attached debris! So we capture her in friends stables and I phone local animal health office (hello all if you are reading) with her ear tag number. Apparently she had a tag originating near Tiverton Devon but possibly could have been sold since then of course and it would necessitate delving through all the movement forms of many years to find where she should be now! Advise was to ask if anyone had lost a sheep and ask police if anyone had reported one missing. Drew a blank so she is now residing with my wensleydale cross ewes and looking quite content......result a free sheep who looks in lamb.........will let you know if her owner turns up!

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