Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have been on holiday!! well a week in Brittany France which was bliss! Whilst there I ran a sheep keeping course for beginners near Lamballe which was fantastic and the weather in that day was smashing! We were hosted by Renee of Cani-Excel with her lovely Ouessant sheep and Esmi the biggest and most placid sheep in the world!
We also went to a BBQ at Chateau Neuf du Faou where we met the lovely host Salamander from Brittany Friends forum and a selection of other very nice people. The picture id of the maritime caves at Morgat on the Crozon peninsula which were superb and very worth a visit. All the livestock at home were left in the capable hands of my eldest son George and 2 students - Noemie from France a wonderful girl with a passion for knitting and Niss from Germany who is a pedigree sheep breeder.
Got back and moved the lambs to new fields, attended a very muddy Honiton Show and then just when I was looking forward to going to run a peg loom workshop at the Big Green Gathering for Brigit Strawbridge who was launching a new charity 'The Big Green idea' news of Foot and mouth disease hit!
I didn't sleep a wink with worry on Friday night and didn't go to the BGG as it is on a farm and that would have been rather irresponsible as at that time they didn't know where it had come from! Feel desperately sorry for those affected, the poor man who lost his pedigree cattle and was in tears on the TV was heartbreaking.
Went to Exford show with the wool today well disinfected and with not a sheep or cow in sight. I had a lovely day and sold a lot of goods..........things have to get better eh?