Friday, December 16, 2011

Loop the Loop Come on people go check out the website for wonderful gifts this Christmas.....
Well here we are again and blogging!
Time does fly...well I think it does! All back to normal now at Ivy Cottage and I can report a fantastic year despite the cancer blip! 23 sheep are currently in residence 3 of whom are waiting to go to the freezer! 15 ewes are in lamb to 4 top class rams one of whom I trecked all the way to Margate to buy....Margate is a long way from here!
I have also built a new website and will be opening for eco b&b in the spring....lots of painting, tiling and coffee drinking going on!
My lovely daughter Laura has just opened her new business Loop the Loop which you MUST check out as its perfectly brilliant and I think loads better than the famed Cox & Cox!!!

Right back to that paintbrush!