Saturday, October 31, 2009

Somerset is famous for its amazing night time carnivals......if you are ever in this part of Britain at this time of the year you really must not miss the chance to see one!
There are several 'circuits' some being dictated by float size and road bends!!! The Wessex circuit includes Taunton and you can see below my attempts to photograph and record some of it last weekend. However the biggest circuit is the Guy Fawkes circuit and the 2 unmissable carnivals on that one are Bridgwater and Glastonbury. We are off to the Bridgwater carnival next Friday night. It starts at 7pm and finishes at about 10.30 after which squibbing takes place.....over a hundred people line the high street with amazing squibs....fireworks that shoot silver rain.....on poles....take a look at this link here to find out all about the carnival and how to get there!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time! Where does it go? How can anyone ever be bored!
Well lots has happened here....the judges came and went for the awards, and now I must sit and bite my nails! We will know the outcome at the awards ceremony on the 26th November and it seems our category had the most entries and some are HUGE companies.....I am now getting a bit scared.....especially as Taffy my assistant says I MUST wear a frock for the do, which is like the oscars with the envelope opening etc.....I don't actually posess a 'frock' and having lost 2 stone in weight the 2 skirts I do posess look somewhat tent like!! We shall see!
We are now processing wool for an arts project....where they knit a sweater for a bench.....interesting! Some felt shrouds.....!! A load of felt for individual commissions, lots of wool to be sent for spinning....and loads of insulation....its great to be soooooo busy!
At home all sorts going on too. The last of the veg, chillies, peppers, spinach, spuds and stripy aubergines have been cleared from the veg plot by the fab helper Carolyn, who has also painted one of my sheds a lovely greeny bluey colour and my shepherds hut green!
We had a young couple from the USA here for 10 days too and whilst here they did some incredible stuff....took the hedge out at the front of the house to let more light in, redirected the stream back to where it was supposed to go with the aid of a ditch and were stars in the wool cutting dept!
Another friend has been in and built a smashing compost loo for us in return for pulling a caravan back for to follow when i have time to take some.......phew....see its all go here!
Add to that tons of jam made, elderflower and grapefruit, and rhubarb wine racked off to clear before bottling and 40 pints of home brewed beer about to be bottled as I type....well its no wonder I am tired....but happy.....hic!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Celebration time at Woolly Waste! We have been shortlisted for the Devon Environmental Business Awards!!!
We are now up against 3 other businesses for the Environmental Goods and Services Award!!! I am so chuffed as we have worked really hard to get this far. The next round is on the 20th of October when we get a visit from 4 judges for an hour and then we have to wait until the awards ceremony at the end of November to find out!

What else have we been up to? The Ouessant sheep are happily chomping their way through lots of lush autumn grass and Merinos is enjoying being top ram!
We have some volunteers arriving to do some mass vegetation clearance in the front garden.....and we have just turned half a tonne of waste wool and rugs, some pictured below, into fluff by putting it through our garnet machine. The 'fluff' in the bag is being used to insulate an eco house!!!
The pictures show the before, during and after!