Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wool has many uses! Here we see some of the insulation offcuts used in my hanging baskets and some reprocessed waste wool used in an old wire veg rack to very pleasing effect!

Life is getting really exciting with us being featured in National Geographic Green!.....Reuters News wanting to film us for world wide distribution and a couple of other exciting things yet to be confirmed!

Budget day was yesterday and boy are people going to have to cut their spending habits! We live on a really low income.....below the 'poverty line' according to government statistics but we live really well due to being very very frugal! so when I hear people with combined incomes of over 40k moaning how they are going to be worse off by 3k I am amazed! 40k is an amount of income I can only dream of....
combined with a set of statistics received yesterday that reveals that........... Britons annually put 2 million tonnes of textiles in landfill each year
That in 2009, women bought nearly 3x the amount of garments they bought in 1999 and 20% of the clothing we buy we don’t even wear.
and a garment worker in Bangladesh makes as little as £1 a day making clothes for Western markets.......makes me think people need to learn a little thrift???

The Green Party MP complained there were no green issues addressed by the budget but I would say that making people reuse their clothes....and actually wear them out, reduce their spending and buy ethically....good well made clothes that will last and give the makers a fair price rather than throwaway teeshirts that cause environmental catastrophes due to cotton production methods and recycle the old clothes and textiles rather than land filling with them is a HUGE issue well addressed......

The wool you see in the veg basket would have been destined for landfill......I have stopped approx 6 tonnes of waste wool going there in the last 12 months......fibre for thought eh!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yurt liners any length can now be made on our fantastic new machine....and fabric for clothing, and rugs, and wall hangings, and......loads and loads of stuff!!!.......including mulch mats, hanging basket liners, and lots of horticultural items!!!