Monday, January 07, 2008

Getting obsessed by Ouessants! Here is a picture I have found by Gauguin the famous French artist who painted at Pont Aven in Brittany showing some of the little dears!
Yesterday was really busy and I didn't have time to take any photos! Having delivered 4 sheep to Kevin and Trevor in North Devon on Saturday, yesterday saw the other 3 Ouessant owners arrive to collect their sheep so it was a continual round of sorting and loading sheep and filling out paperwork for each batch. I am now left with 2 older small black ewes and a white lamb that I particularly like also a ram lamb with good horn placement. The other Ouessant ewes will now be moved to join them and Derek and Gilles will go along with the ram lamb to batchelor quarters! Need to think of a suitable French/Breton name for the new ram, so any suggestions welcome, I don't name the ewes. These sheep are remarkably friendly compared not only to most other sheep but to primitive sheep in particular who tend to be a bit 'flighty'!

Holidays and Ouessant/DEFRA stress over I must now concentrate on the matter of the felt processing plant and the idea of a reed bed based plant for wool washing waste water (this is the expensive bit about processing wool!) getting those little grey cells working also requires copious quantities of tea, chocolate and home made bread and jam!!!


Anonymous said...

How about Nicolas as in M. Sarkozy? He seems to have some success with women.

Are Ouessant sheep the type at Le Mont St Michael? I know the meat of those sheep is prized because it's 'pre sale' but I think that they sre a specific breed type too.

Val Grainger said...

Don't think they are ouessants as they seem too big. The special thing about them is that they are saltmarsh sheep and the salt in their diet and the type of vegetation they eat gives them a unique flavour! We have saltmarsh sheep here in Somerset too along the coast.
Nicolas it is for the ram....I was just watching Sarkozy and his new girlfriend on the news when your comment arrived!

Anonymous said...

I'll let him know :-)