Friday, July 13, 2007

Will it ever stop raining? Hopefully in time for Fibrefest 2007 that is taking place on the first weekend in September! We are busy as ever and have the best volunteer ever staying with us! She is called Noami and is from near Lille in France. She is an amazing knitter and I will post pics of her hats soon!
Our lambs are getting bigger and the first ones went to the butcher on Tuesday along with 2 hoggets from last year (a hogget or shearling is a female sheep between one and two years) I am looking forward to the meat being ready as one whole animal is being made into sausages. Hay is going to be very expensive this winter and I am sooooooo glad I have 200 bales of haylage left over from last year! In this area no one has successfully cut and baled without rain yet and most people have not even cut any grass............a lot is flattened and rotting! Its going to be an even tougher time for farmers this winter.
I thought I'd post a pic of my champion goat taken in 1993 as several people have asked to see her. She was a British Alpine goat called Honeydown Mercedes and in 1993 became a full champion and also the highest milk recorded goat of her breed that year with 2,300kg of milk in that years lactation!!
She also gave the highest quantity of milk in a milking competition that year for her breed. I don't keep goats anymore but may start showing the sheep next this space!