Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tree Surgery.........on a very big tree! We have opened up our view by taking down to 8ft and 12ft respectively a sycamore tree and a lime tree. They were also shading out the grass at the top of our field and we needed to get more light in there, so down they came. Of course pollarding, which is what leaving the trunk is called does not kill the tree and indeed helps to prolong its life so in a few years time we expect a nice head of regrowth on both of them.
Now we have a couple of years worth of logs to cut up and move, for which we are very grateful to have 2 helpers from Melborne Australia called Tom and Bec who are working with us and sharing our lives whilst working their way around the world.
They came to hear we needed help through Helpx which is similar to Wwoof
Pics are of the lime tree, at the start, being reduced in weight and just before the final felling cut.

I have also been tagged by Clarice of the yummy Eating Brittany blog!! I have to provide 5 facts about myself then tag 5 other sites who will all provide a link back to the person who tagged them!!!
So 5 facts....
1. I love beer....especially Pelforth Brune!
2. I am very untidy!
3. I drive a bright yellow car
4. I make my own bread
5. I also save small children from tooth decay by stealing sweets

Sites I am going to tag will follow tomorrow.......!!

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