Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy week this week! We have a family staying who are wwoofing around the country with children aged 2 and 4 They have been all over the UK since March. Also staying has been a young man wwoofing his way by bike from Shropshire to Lands end! They have so far done loads of vegetation clearing, washed loads of fleeces ready for rug making and dyeing, balled loads of balls of wool andpicked 3kgs of blackberries and we have all scrumped several kilos of apples and plums from an abandoned orchard.........we now have several years worth of jam and all for free!
The Ouessant sheep have been booked from their breeders and a ram will be arriving in 2 weeks and a ewe lamb, a shearling (one year old ewe) and a wether (castrated male) will be arriving in October. Also I have secured a supply of over 20 fleeces from Ouessants for next year. The picture shows some Ouessant sheep with a Wensleydale which is one of the larger sheep breeds.....certainly gives an indication of size!

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