Thursday, August 31, 2006

Picked up 14 Zwartble fleeces today plus 2 sacks of Zwartble lamb fleece. This wool is very fine but being black/brown the British wool marketing board will pay the flock owner a pittance....probably less than 20p per kg for it. I pay a little more and will be using it for felt and rug making, I will post a picture of a rug when I have made one so you can see what it looks like. I am making some coloured peg loom cushion covers as well today having been dyeing Grey face Dartmoor and alpaca fleece pink and orange!
When we were shearing we had photographer Anita Corbin from Corbin O'Grady studios spend several hours photographing me and the sheep for a 'women in non traditional industries exhibition' sponsored by Somerset strategic partnership. I have just got to see them and the picture is one that she took.

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Yokah said...

How did the felting of the zwartbles work out?
(it is zwartbleS, meaning black-blaze) I would like to felt it too, but was not very succesful so far..