Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well I did say there would be a picture of our new Wwoof caravan and here it is! Its now a nice green colour and is situated at the top of our field with a superb view down to the woods. Facilities include a tiny woodburner, properly installed, a bed,a couch and cooking facilities, although I cannot see any reason for cooking as we feed our wwoofers very well!
We now have a large old shed base excavated ready for the rebuilding of a potting shed in straw bales.....a project for next year, the pig area cleared and refenced and lots of wool washed and carded ready for numerous projects such as wool stuffed cushions and pegloom rugs.
We are planning an introduction to permaculture course with qualified tutors for the new year so if you want to book watch this space for details!


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

How exciting to have all that attention with all the markets! It feels better to have too much to do than too little after all! I have a good feeling about the baby blankets.

I was really taken with the look of the Quessant and I love the black wool, but a number of people have sad that they would be too small to eat?

Best wishes

Kiran Patil said...


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Val said...

Brilliant Kiran I have visited your site and it is very useful and comprehensive. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What kind of paint did you paint the caravan with? We breed Southdowns and have a similar caravan for guests in our top field which we want to do up a bit.

Val Grainger said...

Paint....well this is going to sound funny but I really don't know!! It a sort of eggshelly type gloss that was in a huge tub in the caravan when we inherited it from the field down the road where it had been left by its previous hippy owner!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you just paint it on? or prep it first? Was yours painted when you got it? It's just I've read all sorts of things saying you should sand it down etc, which sounds like alot of work.