Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have had a very exciting week! I have a lot of the wool from my sheep contract spun into knitting wool which I hand dye and then sell through farmers markets and craft markets locally. A picture of my stall will be coming soon! I also take in a lot of wool from other speciality producers locally who do not have a market for their wool and often burn or bury it!! I then wash and sometimes dye the fleece and make pegloom rugs and cushion covers. Well on Sunday whilst selling wool on my stall at the Westcountry heat of the 'Village Show' a new programme being filmed by the BBC, Alan Titchmarsh, who was presenting it, came over to my stall and bought a wool filled cushion!!...........I can now say by 'royal appointment'!!!! He was very nice, I was very shocked!
I have also been asked to stock not one but two speciality wool shops so its a good week for local produce.
We have a courgette mountain on the veg plot at the moment and the kale looks good too. We are Wwoof hosts and have some nice German students staying at the moment and we have put up the frame of a large second hand polytunnel, which will be covered to half way down the sides with white polythene and the bottom bit will be a green mesh for ventilation. This will be used as winter quarters for some of the sheep who will be lambing early.

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