Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today I finished compiling the September - October edition of the Somerset Smallholders Association newsletter and started thinking about buying some paint and some more sheep both with a Brittany connection.....Confused! Well I have bought a small house in Berrien a pretty little village in the heart of the Armorique National Park near the lovely little town of Huelgoat. It is being totally renovated at the moment and will be brand new from the roof down when finished but keeping features like its traditional Breton fireplace and stonework. I am looking forward to the occaisional break as its only 30 minutes from Roscoff. I am also looking to buy some rare Breton sheep called Ouessant sheep which are very tiny but produce an amazing amount of fleece for their size. They originate from the Isle de Ouessant off the west coast of Brittany. The picture is my house....new windows but not yet a new door taken in March.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Hi! Val. Will you bring these Ouessant sheep you plan on buying back to England or keep them on your new property in France. Would they be appropriate for us, as beginners? We had the possibility of taking on two experienced mums from a neighbour of ours who's selling up and moving in to town because of her age. We couldn't guarantee getting the barn re-roofed and fencing ready in time, and she said that the sheep would have to arrive in only six weeks, so we had to decline. The Ouessant look fantastic and it'd be great to help keep a rare breed going but we remember your advice that sometimes these rarer or wilder breeds can be a real handful for beginners.

Anonymous said...