Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well lots of exciting things are happening so I have got to keep blogging or I will have to write sooooo much to catch up!
The sun has decided to shine so at last everything is growing with a vengence! All 8 ewes have lambed....4 ewe lambs and 4 ram lambs including a grey one!
Our new pigs have settled in.....3 mangalitza cross Tamworth gilts who will be going to the great freezer in the sky in September! I am running a pig co-op this time teaching 2 friends how to raise weaners ready for pork and bacon so we have 1 pig each and do a week on week off rota of feeding etc....really good way of doing it! They are very long in the body, very well grown and lovely pigs.
We have been working our socks off and have just completed over 100 sheets of felt for a customer, had a project to felt a peat bog in Wales come in and borrow our felting machines, had an open day with over 80 visitors....and escaping alpacas!!!
We have also been involved in a project to knit a woolly park bench and have branched out into designer dog beds and......futons....The futons will have their first outing at Wonderwool Wales this weekend along with some amazing clothing designed and made by a fashion designer out of waste wool felt!!!
I have not seen the jackets etc made as they are top secret but I will take some pics for the blog on Saturday when they are featuring on the 'Sheep Walk'

1 comment:

J. said...

Have you seen the alpaca wool sweaters on a stall in a small market near Berrien?

Fancy running a similar stall one day a week together????

But a peat bog in Wales?
and a knittted park bench?
Am I still feverish?

PS I'm thinking of booking places on a tour of The Boldeian sometimes, if you're interested?

Lovely pigs, by the way!