Monday, May 24, 2010

Earlier in the year I was asked by an artist if I would take part in a project called 'Soft bench in a hard landscape' which is all about knitting jumpers for park benches!!! The idea is that lots of people in a comminity knit a bit of the jumper and its then placed on a bench where people can sit, bringing the community together....
So of course I glibly said yes and found that within 10 days I had to take some Jacob wool (a black and white spotted sheep breed) and turn it into knitting wool....yikes!
So I set about the task of washing, drying, picking and carding the wool, trying hard to retain some of its charecter of being multi coloured. I then had to find a very fast hand spinner who could produce enough wool to knit into a bench jumper and felt some of the wool to cover the legs!!!.......and the result?
Well its pictured on the left...Salon Bench Knowle West.
Rather good eh?


tpals said...

Neat! I had to open the picture up to really see it.

Blu said...


J. said...

I'm very impressed!
Now, could you cover me with something purple and fluffy?