Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pics of my veg garden showing how its growing on....and showing the brassicas....cabbages, kale and white sprouting broccoli mulched with waste hay which they really like! I have mulched the potatoes with it too and they seem better than ever....remains to be seen if there is a good crop! I have problems with creeping mint and horsetail in one raised bed so its war! I have a watering system set up with a hose coming off this huge tank, which due to the amount of rain last week easily reached its 1000litre capacity from Petes shed roof!
Also here is a nice picture of my garden before the rain of last week finished off the clematis blossom which smelled the jasmine and honeysuckle have taken over. The willow fedge is looking amazing and much leafier than in the picture!
Ross our current wwoofer from Australia is a gem and has done just about everything in his life (he is 68!) It turns out not only did he belong to a sheep shearing gang in his youth, but taught sheep shearing! So....I have sheared 3 Ouessants and half another and Ross sheared the rest....a master at work too!
He has also dug out every dock plant on the!


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Wow Val can you please send Ross to us after he's finishes with you. I'm sure he'd love to see a bit of France on his travels!
Best wishes

Jackie B said...

I like the addition of music to your blog, and the choice too. BTW, can I borrow Ross too please?

hen said...

your plot looks just amazing!! Gave me a butterflies looking at it as this is the first year I've not been growing anything! Hooray for WWoofing too! It's what got me started in all my land capers all those years ago!

Love it!!