Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I got sunburn today............sitting in the very pretty garden of a lovely lady in Kingsbridge in Devon where I was teaching peg loom rug making to a wonderful group of enthusiastic ladies and gentlemen! The sun shone, tea flowed ( and the home made flapjacks) and everything was good in the world for that little micro moment!
On the way home I went to Totnes to have a walk up the high street, and to check out the shops! I returned with a delicious piece of cheese and some mixed salad leaves.....all grown and made locally! Even though I was working it felt like being on holiday today........would I work in an office.....NEVER!
And for all those who wanted to see our shearer at work on Saturday.....we have a picture of Jock in action!


Anonymous said...

Val, I know exactly what you mean! The thought of working in an office again is horrible! Farming might be tough on occasions, but it definitely has compensations.

hen said...

Those fleeces look gorgeous! I'm getting really into my peg looming. Nearly finished a bum warmer and I think it looks alright!

I actually dozed in the sun yesterday morning and burnt my face clean off. It was absolutely lovely, well, before I tried to smile anyway! Probably put ten years on me too. Oh well!

Glad you had a lovely day, it sounds idyllic!