Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I read a blog called 'A mouse in France' and though I have no idea who she is who writes it I can only say read it.........you will find it makes you think! This quote came from her blog.....a famous little ditty, but so so true
" Dont hurry and dont worry Enjoy the sun and the showers We are only here for such a little while Take time to smell the flowers"

I spend ages watching...my sheep, my chickens, my ducks, the veg.....the view, the flowers....its true we need to slow down and look because if we don't we may miss the important things!
And that got me thinking on my way through town today!
I had an early appointment at the hospital for the consultant to check up on my knee.....well having waited nearly an hour a locum pronounced from reading my notes that my knee should be ok given that I WAS over 40 and not heavily engaged in sport to which i replied "no not exactly but do not have a sedentary life either".....he looked at me quizically.....no he didn't have a clue....and I left it at that! Parking 10 minutes later in Taunton I got caught up in the road closure that meant walking further than i had intended.....not too sure why the road had closed, I soon saw the reason.........lots of children flanked by an army of yellow vested 'helpers' were marching down the road with drums, percussion, whistles and several chineese dragons! On enquiring exactly what it was for i was told it was ' An african carnival celebration in the spirit of the Notting Hill carnival in London'. Mmmmmm I thought and asked why? Wrong question as the bemused parent of a child taking part informed me that it was all the local primary schools learning about and celebrating our diverse culture??? I may well get shot for saying this but we are so concentrating on celebrating other parts of our diverse culture that our local West Country traditions, pastimes and occupations are slowly and sadly being allowed to die out without a care or comment...........it would never happen in Brittany where I have a little house and lots of friends because local traditions mean so much to them.....still I enjoyed watching and took some photos!
I also watched the seller of 'The big issue' dressed up in full evening dress and sporting a topper....took a photo when he wasn't watching!
I have to share a lovely picture of my new ducklings! They were hatched from my duck eggs in a friends incubator! There are 4 altogether.....indian runners

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