Thursday, May 01, 2008


The funding for the felting plant has been successful so we will be up and running by the autumn!!
The eco business unit that the project will occupy is a recycled ww2 building on an old ww2 airfield at Dunkeswell in the Devon bit of the Blackdowns! It now has a new roof, good insulation to the roof and walls, a latest technology compost toilet and a wood pellet stove that will use local wood chips! is fab and I saw it today!! This felting plant will hopefully be up and running by the autumn..........more news to follow soon!


MrsL said...

Looking forward to hearing more about this, Val - good news.

hen said...


As much info as possible on this would be great Val! We would definitely be interested in joining in.


colouritgreen said...

ooo exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Brill Woolly, crikey you do work hard don't you :)

Alison said...

Val were can we buy your wonderful cushions?
Take care,

Alison said...

Meant to you got an etsy shop?

Val Grainger said...

Hi Alison

Takea look at my main website

I have 2 greenish cushion covers at the moment....very brautiful if I say so myself! Can do any colour for you if you want one!

Alison said...

Thanks Val...I will take a look:-)
Take care,