Monday, April 28, 2008

Have been working hard in the veg garden and here are some pics to show you what I have been up to! I manured several beds with very well rotted sheep and cow manure (rotted for 2-3 years until crumbly) I am now putting a weed cover over through which I will plant beans, courgettes etc!
The cabbages, kale and white sprouting broccoli are in a bed topped with home made compost and to keep the pigeons away......and the rabbits of which we have lots, I put several large flower pots over the bed and stretched netting over the top. A few old give away CDs on strings to sparkle and flap completed that bed....and they are growing nicely. Some blue water pipe I found has been used along with some netting to keep birds, cats, errant hens, and other marauders off my onions and seeds....parsnips, persil (a german parsnip type root) and carrots......very good results so far and a good use for the pipe! Plastic sheeting could be used instead to make a temporary tunnel.
I have also bought a huge trailerful of wood chips for £5 to cover the paths and areas around the beds. This has a triple function.....1 it stops slipping and sliding, as the veg plot is not flat. 2 It acts as a mulch/weed suppressant on the pathways, and 3 the slugs and snails hate it as it is sharp!! With that around the beds, the hens ranging around 2 sides and ducks on the other 2 sides hopefully I will have good slug control......we will see!
The Ouessants are grazing the new orchard where temporary tree guards have been built with free recycled wire and non treated posts that were 5p each. There are a lot of nettles in this area which are going to be strimmed regularly for the sheep to eat as they like cut nettles, and also to encourage grass growth. Have also planted potatoes and they are through. Now installing leaky pipe system in the polytunnel to combat water running downhill too quickly.....more to follow soon.
On Wednesday last week I went to the hospital for my knee surgery and was in and out in 5 hours! Well they found not a torn cartiledge but a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament so now I have no ACL in either knee! I will now be put on the list for the ACL physio clinic and knee ligament reconstruction at a later date......oh joy!


hen said...

Wow! All that work (and it looks great by the way!) on such a sore knee. That's amazing!


farmer, vet and feeder of all animals said...

Garden looks nice---and you sound as busy as I have been.
A few years from now that orchard will look fabulous won't it? Sheep do such a nice job cleaning up weedy areas---but do they love those fruit trees! We still run ours with our over 20 year old trees to keep down the weeds. Every now and then they try and trim the bark for us--so our "temporary tree guards" became permanent ones :-)

Val Grainger said...

Thankyou! I hope the orchard will look great eventually! Most of the trees there are either dual purpose cider/cookers or cider varieties with a plum, a pear and a cherry. We alreadt have7 eaters and cookers and another plum so give it a few years and we should have home produced cider adn apple juice!........I know what you mean by bark trimming....I have rabbit guards on the trees too...they were already being knawed !!!