Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lambs! We have 2 ouessant lambs a ewe lamb born last week and a nice ram lamb born yesterday. We also have some Dorset Down cross lambs and the new owners of my pedigree Dorsets that I sold last year sent me a lovely pic of 101s lambs....ewe on the left ram on the right!
I have also been busy.....making lemon curd....jars full of it to keep the egg mountain at bay! and I took a pic, along with bread and apple buns. We make all our own bread, shop bought is not the same and everyone loves home baked bread here. Also am posting a picture of the veg that I can hopefully see something growing when I take a snap later on!!!
Its been beautiful here the last few days, warm and sunny with little fluffy clouds. As a result I have mowed the grass, strimmed under the electric fence, painted the fences and me with one of those sprayer things that is supposed to be quicker than a brush....mmmm! Unpainted me and my jumper!! planted my onions and spuds and generally tidied up.....!
Wrenched my knee despite strapping and knee brace..........(wish they would hurry up with my appointment!).......climbing over the chickens electric fencing. Oh the joys!!


Leanne said...

Morning Val, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I am now returning the compliment here!! :-)

I am surprised in a way you havent stumbled across my blog before- I am a close friend of Sarah, and Greentwinsmummy and you and I both belong to a few of the same forums!! (I know friends who rave about your wool too!!) small world eh?

I am in west somerset by the way!
(what a lovely county)

Leanne x

Val Grainger said...

Thanks Leanne!

I thought somehow you were in W Somerset!!!
Come over and see us sometime!!

willow said...

I enjoyed your video clip, not just watching the lambs but hearing all the birdsong too.