Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The rams have been busy! Harold has served all his quota of 11 ewes and all now have yellow marks on their rear from his yellow raddle crayon. I have now changed it to orange and we wait to see if any ewes come back in season. Henry is sporting a red raddle and is presently with his 11 crossbred ewes some od whom have not yet been served, he gets his crayon changed to green at the end of the week.
Finally young Hedgehunter my ram lamb who was supposed to have 2 ewes this year found himself put in with 11 pedigree ewes all of whom are related to Harold and for whom a new ram would have been purchased had it not been for the recent movement restrictions.........Henry will be coming along later just in case the youngster was not up to the job!!
Our move to Cornwall is now not happening as we have been gazumped by another buyer..........this practice should be banned! Also the estate agent dealing with the matter would not either let us know there had been another offer nor once we found out let us up our offer!!!
So Somerset it is for the moment!

Next week we have a visit from Muddy Matches and a TV company following my wool from the sheep to the knitting needles................I will tell all after the event!

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