Saturday, October 06, 2007

Well things have been a bit frantic here! trying to keep the house tidy for the continual troop of prospective purchasers has been a challenge. It is also our busiest time sheepwise with lambs going to the abattoir weekly to supply the demand from the pub and private customers. We have also been supplying Abraham Natural products
Prices for those selling commercially have been terrible due to the fact that we are banned from exporting foot and mouth susceptible animals ...........some have had to sell prime lambs for £10!!!
Saying that I sold some breeding ewes in the first market for ages today and got £10 per animal for the Shetland ewes!!! Others made between £30 and £42 which was about 25-30% less than they should!
There was a general air of resignation about the market as I spoke to friends and contacts, with feed prices increasing daily no one can afford to hang on to sheep until better prices come along.

On a more positive note (well I know its all been sounding depressing recently!) I thought I would post some pictures of Otterford lakes
This is the lost gardens of Helligan all over again, the picture of the gate in the trees being where there is an amazing walled garden hidden in the trees. There are 2 lakes, an old coach house that is pictured and the position of the house is still littered with bits of old gutter and rubble in the brambles! Its a wonderful place for a walk and very eerie too!

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