Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year to all!
Crikey have we had a month or two....what with no hair from chemotherapy making it extra cold around the head it then decides to be the coldest December on record brrrrrr! The sheep have looked very bemused as their world kept disappearing under tons of snow. They usually dig to find some grass but just gave up, looked depressed and ate haylage sugar beet and barley. After 10 days of it they had obviously decided they had woken up in the north pole and perked up a bit. Once it had disappeared the relief on their little faces was quite apparent! Now we have rain instead...urmm not sure which I prefer!
I am now 3/4 through the good old chemo...blasted kills all the good cells too hence the hair loss so also kills your white blood cells and leaves you open to all sorts of bugs and I endured a short break over the new year in isolation at my local hospital with septicemia....just the start to the year I wanted. Now back in the thick of it and having taken delivery of 3 new sheep this week plus a spanking new hen house I am sure things can only get better.

Very interesting world this year and will get even more interesting as climate seems to have gone haywire all over the world this last warming methinks and they now admit world food stocks are dangerously low with oil prices climbing to record highs. Cotton prices and man made fibre prices are rocketing making wool look even more attractive....things are changing folks and I cannot forsee a time when anything is going back to the so called easy life....the future? Well lets not look back and shake our heads at our age of stupid eh?


Dartford Warbler said...

It is good to hear that you are out of hospital , Val. Hoping that the rest of the chemo goes smoothly so that you can feel more like your old self very soon.

Best wishes, DW x

Compostwoman said...

Glad to see you are back in the thick of it Val

Take care.

Cw xxx

Jac Lancaster said...

Hi Val, just read your facinating blog...apologies for having pestered you when you had so much going on, look forward to connecting when you are able and sharing my exciting project with tha Woolly Shepherd! :)
Blessings and streangth to you..