Friday, February 26, 2010

Gosh.....I have not posted anything here for a month......which reflects just how manic it has been!
We are able to cut the price of our sheeps wool insulation for roof and walls! Fantastic news this as we really want to get wool into peoples homes and make it affordable!
Good old B&Q....a British diy chain for those of you who don't know....are now selling sheeps wool insulation....of a sort....its 35% and mixed with.....wait for it.....fibre glass! which makes a nonsense of it being environmentally friendly in my opinion!

I was featured in a double page centre spread in a local newspaper recently.....the Western Morning News! They really did a good job explaining to people what I did and how....and why! Several people contacted me but thought wool insulation was too expensive....and I explained how and why it was a bit more expensive.....but didn't literally cost 'the earth' and as I have said here we are trying to make it affordable for all which we can with our recycled knitting wool insulation...which is lower in price than tell you friends!

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