Saturday, October 31, 2009

Somerset is famous for its amazing night time carnivals......if you are ever in this part of Britain at this time of the year you really must not miss the chance to see one!
There are several 'circuits' some being dictated by float size and road bends!!! The Wessex circuit includes Taunton and you can see below my attempts to photograph and record some of it last weekend. However the biggest circuit is the Guy Fawkes circuit and the 2 unmissable carnivals on that one are Bridgwater and Glastonbury. We are off to the Bridgwater carnival next Friday night. It starts at 7pm and finishes at about 10.30 after which squibbing takes place.....over a hundred people line the high street with amazing squibs....fireworks that shoot silver rain.....on poles....take a look at this link here to find out all about the carnival and how to get there!

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willow said...

We saw the carnival every year when I was growing up just outside Taunton. Back then it used to start from the market and I remember we used to watch it near the start, somewhere near the old Classic cinema. I must come back one year and see it again.