Friday, October 09, 2009

Celebration time at Woolly Waste! We have been shortlisted for the Devon Environmental Business Awards!!!
We are now up against 3 other businesses for the Environmental Goods and Services Award!!! I am so chuffed as we have worked really hard to get this far. The next round is on the 20th of October when we get a visit from 4 judges for an hour and then we have to wait until the awards ceremony at the end of November to find out!

What else have we been up to? The Ouessant sheep are happily chomping their way through lots of lush autumn grass and Merinos is enjoying being top ram!
We have some volunteers arriving to do some mass vegetation clearance in the front garden.....and we have just turned half a tonne of waste wool and rugs, some pictured below, into fluff by putting it through our garnet machine. The 'fluff' in the bag is being used to insulate an eco house!!!
The pictures show the before, during and after!


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Fan-f**king-tastic Val! Bloody well done you. You're SO in with a good shot at winning I'm sure. What's the competition?
Gabrielle x

Blu said...

bloomin marvelous, well done! I guess those pictures are from the bottom up?

willow said...

Well done, you have achieved a lot in a short time with your new business. Good Luck with the rest of the judging process.

Val Grainger said...

No idea who the other shortlisted businesses are....we will find out at the awards night!

Blu...yes pics are from bottom up...took too long to try and get them the right way!!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

Wow! fingers crossed here,you deserve some recognition,you work so damned hard!
GTM x x x