Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Snow!!!...........lots of snow.....We rarely see snow in the south west and if we do its up here on the hills and usually lasts a day and then departs. The last substantial fall we had was in 2003.....well enough to make a snowman with anyway! So when we heard all this snow had fallen on Monday we were not too worried as we didn't have any whilst London was bought to a standstill!
Monday evening and it started.....Tuesday the school was closed so after feeding and checking animals we went sledging over on the hill......the sheep looking on from the nice barn where the ewes are overwintering thought we were mad by the looks on their faces as they stood in a long line observing us!
Wednesday it was still not good up here but ok and getoutable....!
Thursday they said it was going to rain in the evening and into Friday but on looking out at about 10pm it was clear the weather people had got it a bit wrong as it was snowing heavily..........and the following morning it was STILL snowing and it went right over my youngest sons wellie boot tops!!! The cars had become blobs and the 3 Ouessant rams in the field were up to their stomachs in it and were not amused at having to bound around like rabbits. The pigs had retreated indoors and refused to come out and the ducks had to be dug out to get their door open!!
An erie silence had descended as not a sigh of a snow plough had been seen and the road was blocked.
We struggled over to feed the sheep and 15 year old son walked to village to feed sheep there.
...........we then joined the crowds for snowman building, igloo making and sledging as we could not do much else as we were stuck!............and this went on until yesterday when we finally broke out .......!
Overnight it has rained and snowed again but now on Tuesday we only have 6 inches left......and hope it will go away fast as we need to work and resume normal life.....whatever that is!

All in all I can report that snow is great to look at, brilliant fun to play in but really hard work if you are trying to keep livestock fed, watered and dry!!!

The dogs loved it.....Humphrey spent ages being a doggy snowplough


Anonymous said...


I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading. I am very jealous of your snow - we haven't had any over here, too close to the sea I suppose - but I guess it must get a bit frustrating after a while!

I will be back to read more!

Greentwinsmummy said...

Val :o) glorious photos! I love the dog burrowing in the drift,marvelous! we have just the forlorn sight of 2 of our snowmen reduced to stumps in the field opposite lol!

Val Grainger said...

Well we still have enough to go sledging!!!! Its because we are north facing!
Pete and Charlie built an igloo but I only have it on the phone....will work out how to retrieve it!
Hello Rach!
Welcome to the mad woolly world!

Val Grainger said...

..........Oh and the dog was not burrowing in a drift.....that was the depth in the middle of the lane....if he had tried a drift he would have disappeared!!!!

The Shepton Witch said...

Humphrey looks as though he's having wonderful fun! Hope things thaw for you soon, though that will bring more water than you can shake an ark at!

Julie said...

Well, you know me Val, I adore snow though I have to say that working outside is not the best way to enjoy it, far better to be able to play in the snow and then come indoors for a nice hot chocolate by a log fire!
But the lambs, isn't it lambing time soon? What will happen to the lambs????