Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Its freezing cold here....except indoors! Very slippy due to our being on a hill and I hate it!!! Its lovely looking at snow, and I even went sledging up on the hill across the road with my youngest sheep who are in the barn up there looked on with incredulity........I think it confirmed their worst fears about the human who cares for them!
On the whole though its miserable when you have to go out in it to do animals rather than have fun!
I was supposed to have a meeting this morning and backed the van off the tarmaced slush of the vertical drive/lane at the side of the house and got stuck.....missed the meeting and had irritated man on phone who was waiting for me at the unit!......Apologies said I managed to remove van from lane but parked up and retreated indoors as he couldn't wait!.............

I was musing recently on how our children always know best and it got me thinking! My older children have a slightly patronising attitude towards parents....poor old things! They always know best! We middle aged folks tand to do the same to our elders must be a parent child thing! But I was also thinking how it has affected history easpecially farming and food production.......
In the 50s it was the bright young things that laughed at the older generation and bought in machine milking, higher yeilding varieties from cattle to wheat, pulled out the hedgerows to fit in modern machinery and bought in the chemicals to make sure we grew more efficiently!
Old methods were laughed at, everyone wanted the latest, the shiniest, the quickest etc......and so it goes wonder we now have the global economy on its knees and an average of 3.5 worlds needed to support western lifestyles!
I heard yesterday that China was running out of water to irrigate its crops so was starting to rent land in South Africa to grow cereals, South Korea too and Saudi Arabia also are doing this as they havent got enogh water.....and as if Africa has?????
Perhaps it will be our children who take the lead in teaching us parents to save water, to be more sustainable, to use small and slow solutions, to save humanity from the crisis which inevitably has started?


Blu said...

New and shiny isnt always better. However I remember my Dad working long hard days driving a tractor in the fields no cab of course. Freezing cold, and in the summer covered in dust, then harvest time even dustier. People picking and working back breaking hour after hour. So things are better in some ways, being lonely is now a problem, spending hours alone in a huge expensive tractor. If these countries can spend huge amounts of money on buildings and resorts why cant they do something about the water!

Val Grainger said...

yes it was a hard life back then....but they kept fit, had community,picked and worked together, laid hedges, knew the seasons.....and were not lonely and depressed or out of work???
People in Britain don't like manual agricultural jobs which is why people from other places come and fill the vacant posts!
I think we need to take a step back to then?