Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thought you might like to see some of my Shetland lambs!
We now have loads of lambs including another Ouessant ewe lamb!!
Unfortunately we had some losses too with a 2 week old lamb dropping dead in the field which was very sad and another 4 day old strong ram lamb being taken by a fox.

However all the rest are 'so far so good' and I have just bought 6 more ewes and their lambs.
I am off to Berrien on Saturday evening for a few days and am leaving the last 4 ewes who are due in May in the capable hands of Pete! The BBC are coming yet again tomorrow, this time to film my sheep........why I'm not quite sure but will find out I guess!
We have recently had an exhibition of local wool and related fibres in the barn gallery next to the field in the picture containing 27 of my sheep..........very appropriate!

Fibrefest amazing event which I will mention more of now has its own blog and website, do take a look and book your advance tickets online

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