Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its been so cold and frozen that I just have not got to blogging.....We had permafrost for 2 weeks, frozen everything plus lots of woolly packs to get out so everyone could have their turkey delivered! I took a week off between Christmas and the New Year to paint the kitchen and then BANG snow....and lots of it!!!
4ft drifts up by the unit....we slithered in and out with children being looked after by all and sundry as schools were closed 4x4....kept for such occaisions became a snowmobile and we crossed all sorts of terrain covered in ice and snow! The picture is sunset over a snowy airfield at Dunkeswell near my Woolly Waste Unit! The video is of our house in its snowy setting! And today after a week of 6 inches of unyeilding white stuff we woke to 4 inches more on top!! I am getting seriously fed up with it now as the schools are shut and the sheep confused as to exactly where the grass has gone!

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