Saturday, August 08, 2009

A month since I posted....!! I have been sooo busy! We have been to France for a well earned break...however it was not much of a break to start with as there has been an ongoing problem with water getting into the house we own there under the roof....the brand spanking new roof put on by the builder from whom I bought it.....who made it about 6 inches too short at each end! Me not being a roofer meant I didn't notice and thought the water dripping into the fireplace was coming through the wall which was in need of new pointing....but after having it re pointed at great cost to no avail I realised it was the roof! So this time when we arrived we found lots of water everywhere and mould growing on the walls and wet rot!.....which is just not on in a newly renovated house!
Pete spent 3 days in howling gales and horizontal rain (yes it was July!) up a ladder clinging to the roof installing some zinc flashing which now renders the roof watertight....great way to spend ones relaxing break!
The builder has thank goodness admitted liability......
So other than the roof what did we do? Well we went to Vieilles Charrues music festival and saw Moby, The Killers, The Ting Tings, Francis Cabrel, Tambours de Bronx, Bruce Springsteen and lots more!.....and was so tired I slept most of one day after getting home at 3am....we were not camping as Carhaix the town where it is located is about 20 mins down the road!
Later in the week we drove accross Brittany to the Normandy border where we left the boys with the amazing Celia and went off to Mont st Michel for 24 hours by ourselves to celebrate 10 happy years!

Well the holiday was soon over and back to work and we are flat out with lots of woolly work....all machines are working to their full capacity which is nice! and we have produced some lovely things.....mostly beautiful felt!

We are looking for an amazing person to come and work with us, as a volunteer/work experience person to start with and all training etc will be given.....paid work will be available when we have a big rush on too and eventually a possible paid position ! We are looking for someone who is very keen on wool, sheep, using old machinery, who loves getting grubby, working funny hours at times, is any age over 16, who may want to start a woolly based business using our units fact we want people passionate about wool, sustainability and more wool! If you think you may be that person or knows someone let me know......and just to warn you its hardand heavy work....!

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