Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At last here are the solar panels that power the wool washing water! They keep the water at 60 degrees on a sunny day and even on a dark stormy day they are at about 40 degrees! The immersion then only has to heat it a bit thus saving an awful lot of electricity! They are Navitron units as Navitron are a really environmentally responsible firm!.....Our installer Solar Sam has been a hero and done amazing things with electrical and water pipes!

The wool washer is fantastic, after a few hiccups its going quite nicely!
The last bits of the machines are being put together....things like safety plugs and shut offs, a batting roller has been constructed by the wonderfully resourceful Pete out of a scaffhold pole, some land drain, beautifully turned wooden cogs and a proper drive belt. He has also invented a wool felt cutting table which will speed up proceedings considerably!
We will be having an open day between 10am and 8pm on Thursday 25th June so come along to Woolly Waste and see what we are up to......there will also be biscuits and cakes!

If you have wool to be washed, wool to be carded or wool to be felted......or need all three get in touch as we are booking up fast!
We also sell fleeces to those who havent got their own sheep but would like some fleece!


MrsL said...

Will have a word with MrL - would love to get over for a look around on 25th; wil let you know. Can bring cake ;)



Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Can you hear the applause from east sussex Val?

Val Grainger said...

Aw Mrs L you and ANY cake will be very welcome!!!

Peter....thanks...its nice to hear! I do get a lot of the competition trying to booohiss so applause is lovely!!

Blu said...

I so admire what you have achieved so far, what a girl you are!!! Bravo Woolly!

Val Grainger said...

Thanks Blu (she says going pink with embarrassment)