Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post deleted as apology received


The Shepton Witch said...

Hang on... you offered to share a stand at no cost to them and when you couldn't go you offered to let them have it all to themselves, and for free (I hope I have it right so far) and now they're having a go at you?

That sounds churlish to say the least. Goodness, it takes all sorts of people, doesn't it?! Thank goodness for moderates comments.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Dear Val.
I'm very sorry to hear that a time of a personal crisis you also had to deal with a colleague behaving badly.
I wish you all well
Gabrielle x

MrsL said...

Some folk, eh? :(

Hope things are OK now; are you doing Fibrefest?



Blu said...

Just been catching up with your blog Woolly, all interesting on the work front. Sorry to read you had a family matter that stopped you going to the event. Knowing what a worka aholic you are you must have had a real problem. So best wishes to you Blu x

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Those that do not have the guts to put their names on a posting, (even without a Google account they can still add these detail to any comment) does not deserve any response whatsoever.

Val Grainger said...

Thanks....comments like these confirm my feelings about this person....I responded to this by posting an article as I wanted to point out that sometimes you do get unplesant comment posters and have to deal with them, however hard it may be!