Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woolly Waste packaging is now in production and the business has moved to a new unit!! Here are some photos of the packaging and the move..........Also some students using our facilities to create recycled felt boots have won a local 'mock' Dragons Den.........yay!!! Their product is amazing and more details will follow of 'EWE BOOTS' as soon as i have a minute!

The green macjine is our new chopper....a 1960s machine that will chop up old wool such as knitting wool, jumpers etc into bits to be recycled beck into knitting wool or felt, the other 2 pics show the new unit and things being assembled..........we have an upstairs too!

Now awaiting the solar panels that will heat all our water for scouring the wool.........and all fixtures and fittings such as sink, loo and kitchen have been bought from the local recycling centre....we are committed to this being the most ethical business possible!

Anyone wanting to buy woolly packaging please get in page on website soon........we are proud to say our packaging is made in Devon, processed in Devon, grown in The West Country (from sheep!!) and has the lowest carbon footprint possible.


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Congratulations, Val, it's great to see you managed to get the new unit.
Bon Courage!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

A fantastic effort, amazing... well done, brilliant!!!

Val Grainger said...

Thanks people! It is amazing, i can hardly believe it we just have to work sooooooo hard!