Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have had a very busy time recently and it shows no sign of easing up! The felting is going well and it is possible to make fantastic bits of felt so here goes mulch mats, hanging basket liners, slippers, bags etc....its limitless! I am going up to Wales on a a trip to look at insulation machinery in the next few weeks....exciting!
The piglets are growing like mad, and spend their days exploring the fields with their doting mums who dig small holes for them to rummage in! Unfortunatly we lost one that had been attacked by we think, a fox! There were canine teeth marks in its head and under its jaw so now we have a humane fox trap leant by the local hunt set next to the chicken run........we have had 2 broad daylight fox attacks on the hens in the last 2 weeks too grrr!
We have a long stay Wwoofer called Duncan a graduate from Bristol uni who is here until mid December and is making a real impression on the place! He is concreting the unfinished bit of the pigs yard at the moment and this will deserve a report all of its own when finished....its looking so good.
The sheep are all in big fields of lush grass and are looking well and happy. I have some new Gotland sheep that are beautiful and the ram called Fred will be tupping the coloured Wensleydales (the rasta sheep) and the 2 big white Dorset Down cross Wensleydales I have.
Sarkozy my French Ouessant ram will join all the Ouessant girls in early November.
I have recently lost the use of a nice field I often use to graze the sheep on in the winter in trying circumstances but as my limited french would say c'est la vie, ne ce que pas?
Anyway here is a selection of nice pics I took when in Brittany recently of some amazing trees....old oak pollards, and of course the old railway line that I'm continuing to explore.....its so so quiet on that old line the silence is almost deafening!.......And the amazing calvary in Pleyben....the best in Brittany I'm told


Anonymous said...

Hello Val

I have been reading your blog & was interested in the little sheep.
Do you think it is possible to import them to the USA?

Thank you for any help,

Blu said...

Brilliant picture o that tree at the top must be ancient

Blu said...

Brilliant picture of that old tree.

Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful pictures of Brittany! And I'm so glad to hear that you have the felting up and running....

Mouse said...

Are those th hollow trees at Locmarien? They look familiar, I'm sure I've hugged them at some time!

Val Grainger said...

Sorry Colleen.........I'm afraid these sheep are not available yet in the USA due to import regulations but I know some people are looking to import semen so hopefully oneday there may be some!

Those trees are amazing! Yes They are the ones you hugged Mouse!........they feature on your blog too. They are at Locmaria Berrien near the old silver mine. The day I took the picture was the perfect day.....blue sky, warm and wonderful!