Friday, June 15, 2007

Found this very funny picture again by local photographer Pauline Rook and thought to myself that sheep are not so daft really! Ours certainly are not and Pete and I spent Wednesday in the pouring rain putting the rest of the flock through the turn over crate we borrowed from friends to make the toenail cutting less arduous..........the one shown in the picture is the same as the one we borrowed. Its less stress on the back but do not be fooled into believing the sheep co operates meekly like the one in the photo!! I have the bruises to prove it..........However we do not have worse backache than we started with!
All trimmed, sprayed and sorted they are now back munching their way through the paddocks and odd bits of grassland in 3 local villages.
I have decided to sell my Shetland flock to concentrate more on the Dorset Downs so if anyone wants some let me know.

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