Friday, May 11, 2007

Well I'm back! I really should post more but its so very busy here that I rarely get to take a photo to show you all! No more lambs killed by dogs thank goodness but one was unfortunately chased by a 4 yearold which panicked the group of sheep and it got trampled, sustaining pelvic injuries....50/50 chance of making it but where there is life there is hope!
The pigs are growing at a pace and are very naughty! They escape under the gate with a big shriek as the electric fence pings them only to be herded back immediately! The funniest thing I have seen was the Ouessant sheep chasing them around the field!
Lambing has finished at last and the last ewe had triplets, two black and white ones that look just like a friesian cow and a little white one. Last week I bought 9 very nice ewes and their 15 lambs in Taunton market for a ridiculously low price..........hopefully the prices will go up, but its lean days for sheep farmers at the moment.
I am off to Wonderwool next week and am dyeing, carding, packing, skeining and balling lots of wool ready to take with me. I will also be selling some super new lines including willow baskets that have wool wound in to them and special willow baskets for putting balls of wool in whilst knitting! I have also been working hard on the organisation of Fibrefest
the amazing celebration of fibre in the south west. Louise Cottey my fellow organiser and Steve Whitley of Corrymoor socks and me met with others on a very wet day to walk around Bridwell Park where it will be held.........what a fantastic setting! Book your stand or ticket now!
Talking of wool.......remember that post where I recounted how Alan Titchmarsh bought a cushion from me?
Well I have just received this and apparently he keeps it in his office and loves it!!!

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