Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What have I done! I went to a meeting in the village last week about heavy goods vehicles using the road through the village as a rat run. The local MP was there and the district councillor........after listening to the problems that comprise of another road down from the hills banning heavy lorries due to subsidence I mentioned that the water main outside our house has fractured 6 times since Christmas and we have noticable cracks in the road...............Well the result is the BBC are coming tomorrow to put it on their breakfast show!!!! Yikes!! They are going to film me, the house, the road, and the deputy chair of the Parish Council.......and all whilst trying to get 2 dogs walked and 2 children to school!
I will let you know how it goes!
We have our first wwoofer of the year arriving tomorrow and I have loads of work for her to do in the veg plot. I am also planning some major earthworks to terrace what is our steeply sloping lawn into a veg garden. The weather however is totally against all my plans......it just will not stop raining! Whoever said global warming wasn't happening! I am praying for some dry weather as the sheep start lambing any day and its like paddyfields down in the village where I have 23 in lamb ewes in a 12 acre field with a barn.
I have been dyeing loads of wool today and its come out lovely shades of green and blue, I will add it to my pile of new colours when its dry.................at least it takes my mind off the weather and the BBC!
Fibrefest 2007 in the Blackdowns is going to be launched next week the website will go live very soon...........its going to be amazing so come to the Blackdown hills for a few days in September i can promise you will not regret it!

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