Saturday, January 13, 2007

Peg looming course took place on Wednesday with 4 lovely ladies all of whom made wonderful creations using a variety of fleece types including Jacob, Shetland, Dorset Down and Wensleydale X
Some was natural and some had been dyed into a variety of colours. The picture shows everyone hard at work with lots of bags of wool on the table.
Silk was also used of the kind that is ofter spun into sari silk, but this was unspun and therefore when combined with the wool made for amazing colours as seen in the picture..........this bit of peglooming is going to be made into a bag.
On Thursday I had a sheep moving day and transferred the Ouessants to a new paddock up on the top of the hill near the house. They have a little pig ark type shelter and are very happy with tons of grass to eat. The Shetland ewes joined the Dorset Down ewes and several animals had a bit of pedicure carried out as they were suffering from the wet ground. However everyone looks very well and they are getting racks of hay and haylage along with a high energy lick to keep them all in tip top condition. From early February they will be fed ewe nuts too to make sure they have enough condition to prevent twin lamb disease which can be fatal.
The lambs also have hay racks out in the fields which are kept topped up with hay or haylage but they will not have extra feeding as they are all fat and happy!
We have a hedgelaying for beginners course on Monday, Dyeing on Thursday and Lambing for the novice shepherd on next Saturday. There are one or two spare places available on some of the courses if you want to come along!

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